Al Marcano

Interview by Jimon

  1. Currently you live in LA, what would be your second choice?  If I could live anywhere I would have to go with Barcelona, Spain or on my own land in the mountains.
  2. How long have you been making art and what lead you to start?  I have been making art since I was around 16. I was heavily influenced by skateboarding culture. Artists like Mark Gonz and Ed Templeton were definitely my favorites when I started painting. The reason why I started making art was because I felt like my hometown was lacking art /culture and I always had the urge to create. I guess I was just trying to surround myself with things I wanted to see. No one in my family or town really expected me to be an artist. It was like no one understood me growing up and painting got me through a lot of hard times.
  3. How would you describe Al Marcano?  Hard working, manic, and thankful.
  4. Do you remember the first piece of art that captured your imagination?  Definitely the works of Salvador Dali spoke to me. I remember looking at a book of his paintings when I was in high school. I had never seen anything like it prior to that. I remember being totally inspired and it gave me hope to actually study art and not just rely on skateboard graphics and graffiti for inspiration.
  5. What is the source behind your paintings, where do they come from?  I like to think that I’m capturing energy in all of my work. Sometimes I let my mind go blank and I just paint to see what happens. I’m also heavily inspired by the afterlife and it could stem from a subconscious fear of death.
  6. How do you define success?  Success is when you wake up every morning doing what you love.
  7. Do you listen to music while creating? If yes, what genre?  Music is always on as I paint. I’ve been digging Wings a lot lately also I’ve been blasting Sixto Rodriguez Cold Fact album on repeat. My wife also got me into Brian Eno. I can say I love all sorts of music but I absolutely hate the top 50/culture we have today. I’m an old soul.
  8. What does Al Marcano dream about? I’m real big into trying to remember my dreams. I have this dream that I’m constantly walking out of school or jobs. I feel like it’s a reflection for going for it in real life and being a full time artist.
  9. How would you like to be seen as an artist years from now? I see myself in a bigger studio making more work. I would like to become an art teacher at some point. I have a passion to give back someday to help the youth and maybe help out my community. I feel that it’s important for the arts to never die.
  10. What is the one thing you don’t know that you want to know? I wish I knew how to have more patience.
  11. Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration? Honestly I just find inspiration from living life.
  12. Name three things you can’t live without in your studio? Canvas, good lighting, water based spray paint.
  13. If you could have dinner with 3 artists living/dead who would be at your table? I hate these types of questions. It would be cool to sit down and eat with art friends that don’t live in LA. Or have a huge thanksgiving together with all of my friends that create.
  14. How would someone find you on social media? Al Marcano on Instagram or you can find me in Echo Park in my garage painting.
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