Alic Daniel

Interview by Jimon

  1. Alic Daniel, one word to describe him? Emotional
  2. Originally you are from Dayton, Ohio. You moved to Nashville first before moving to Los Angeles, Why Nashville? and what do you think of the art scene in Los Angeles so far?  I was raised in Dayton and raised to be a painter, and to be a rebel I wanted to be a rock star (guitar player), so I moved to Nashville. Los Angeles welcomes all types of art. Weird isn’t weird in Los Angeles, so it allows artists to really express themselves however they want.
  3. Your first experience with art as a child: My father painting and drawing in the house. As well as the many Van Gogh exhibits.
  4. What book/film/work of art most recently captured your attention and why? Kenny Scharf and Andre Saraiva’s Pinball Machine at the Friends Bar in Silver lake. I had no idea the  piece would be at the bar. And seeing people play on that work of art without the knowledge and the significance of the piece was remarkable.
  5. The future is _________.  Now
  6. What is your thought on the following statement; Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable! That statement puts art into a box, art doesn’t always have an objective, art is expression and if the artist decides to disturb they should disturb and if the artist decides to comfort they should comfort. There isn’t a definite way an artist should make art.
  7. You have a million dollars to spend on art, you buy… Keith Haring, Frank Stella, and Eddie Martinez. Maybe a Zio Ziegler sculpture.
  8. Least favorite part of your day: Figuring out what I should do. I don’t have a routine or schedule.
  9. Did you have any training for art or is it inherent? My father worked very hard to train me in classical techniques throughout my childhood. I was fortunate to go to public schools that had proper art funding, so they really pushed young artists to not just make art but to understand how lines and shapes work. I went to Belmont University for music, but that lasted for a semester and I switched to art. Their art program was small but helped me understand the studio process.
  10. Do you remember the first piece of art that you created? I began making art at an extremely young age, so that part of my memory is a bit gone. But I remember taking a black and white photograph and glazing the photograph with watercolor.
  11. How would you like to be seen as an artist years from now? Still making art
  12. Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration? The ocean and jungle really helps me want to continue to make art. Driving around Los Angeles, seeing the shapes, colors, and art in the street really trigger the design elements that I incorporate into my work. Inspiration can be found by looking at mundane objects like a couch cushion.
  13. If you could have dinner with 3 artists living/dead who would be at your table? Keith Haring, Picasso, and Frank Stella.
  14. Name three things you can’t live without in your studio? Painters tape, spray paint caps, and spray paint.
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