Anthony Lister

Interview by Jimon

1) You travel a lot. Where do you call home currently?  Sydney, Australia.

2) Did you study art or is it all inherent?  I firstly studied under my grandmother then went to Griffith University where I got a Bachelor of Visual Arts then went on to study in New York under my mentor Max Gimblett.

3) What do you dream about?  I dream about strange things.

4) How did you acquire your style?  It is something that just developed over time. I have always tried to steer clear of imitating or coping other artists work.

5) What else interests you besides street art?  Raising children, Social observation, Community, Philosophy, Skateboarding.

6) Who is your favorite artist?  Jimi Hendrix.

7) What colors would we find on your favorite palette?  Pink and aqua at the moment.

8) Do you think there is a difference between graffiti art and street art?  Yes. The fundamental difference is that one is letter based and the other is image based. I explain it like this – images are just shapes that haven’t become letters yet and letters are just shapes that haven’t become images yet.

9) You have said “I am fighting for freedom of visual speech.”  Can you elaborate?  In non-commissioned public art, graffiti and street art is the final frontier of true artistic integrity. In the same way that anti graffiti task forces are fighting to destroy culture, I am doing the opposite.

10) How do you pick the locations for your street art?  I look for unloved and unused spaces that I can beautify without the risk of upsetting anybody.

11) What was your toughest assignment, I mean strategically?  Each situation is different and challenging in different ways. It is always tough to get permission, that is I have found it easier to ask for forgiveness in hindsight.

12) How did your first gallery show come about?  It was 2011 and I had been making work in my studio and basically it was time.

13) What do you think about the idea that a work of art is never really finished, just abandoned?  I can see how that concept could be agreeable in most parts.

14) What has the most influence on your work?  Time.

15) Do you listen to music while creating? If yes, what genre?  Classical mostly.

16) How would you like to be seen as an artist years from now?  I can’t get involved with the whole how I will be perceived thing. It’s not my place to condition that. All I have power over is who I am today and what decisions I choose to make in the present. Time will tell.

17) What forth-coming projects and or exhibitions do you have scheduled?  I am preparing for a solo show in Lisbon in June. There is a documentary about my practice being released in August. There is a video game coming out called ‘Street Painter’. And then I have a solo show in Sydney later in the year.

18) If you could have dinner with three artists living/dead who would be at your table?  John Lennon, Brett Whitley and my grandmother.

19) Name three things you can’t live without in your studio?  Music, light and my books.

20)  Anything else you’d like to mention that I didn’t ask?  There is far too much cleaning and not enough making going on. That is all.

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