Genady Arkhipau

Interview by Jimon

  1. Where do you call home currently?  Northampton, Massachusetts
  2. Did you have any training for this or is it inherent? I’m mostly self-taught, but I grew up in an artistic family surrounded by art books, art supplies, artworks and artists. I don’t believe in it being inherent though: it takes skill, taste, passion and determination. Taste and skill can be acquired.  
  3. How would you describe Genady Arkhipau?  My non-objective work has been jokingly described as “abstract-agressivism”. 
  4. What are the defining influences that made you, you? My family, my stubbornness, oh, and every art piece I have ever seen. Consciously or not, it influences my tastes, my vision, and, as the result – my work.
  5. What would you be doing if not an artist?  Playing guitar in a rock or metal band.
  6. What kind of art hangs on the walls of your home?  Portraits of my family, portraits of me by my artist-friends, works by my mom and some of my paintings framed for shows.
  7. What is the one thing you don’t know that you want to know?  How to get in “the zone” at will.
  8. What impact would you like to see from your work?  I just want the viewer to enjoy it without trying to understand it, spend some time looking at the artwork, get lost in details, texture, contrasts between shapes, colors and marks. That’s all there is: just intriguing visual stimuli.
  9. Does politics effect your work?  No
  10. You have had many achievements, which are you most proud of?  Besides awards and publications, enjoying respect and recognition of the artists that inspired me in the first place, getting used to calling them my “peers”
  11. Tell us something about the art world that you want to see changed?  My frustration with the art world in general is the huge disconnect between artists and the people interested in art. People are really bad at judging artwork beyond the scale of, from “my kid could do that” to “well, it’s better than I could ever make.”  That makes people (rightfully) distrustful of the art world, also at the same time get taken advantage of. 
  12. What advice would you give putative collectors?  It depends on if they are collecting out of pure love for art or for investment opportunities. Although, in both cases being educated on the subject and exposed to a lot of art wouldn’t hurt. 
  13. Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration?  I draw inspiration for my non-objective art in an indeliberate, accidental and unintentional found art: patterns of shadows on pavement, peeling layers of paint on walls in the industrial settings, skids and scratches on concrete floors…
  14. If you could have dinner with three artists dead/alive who would be at your table?  My mom, my sister and my grandfather
  15. Name three things you can’t live without in your studio?  Peace, isolation, music.

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