Pascal Vochelet

Interview by Jimon

1) Where did you grow up, and where do you live currently?
I grew up in a small village in Normandy; nowadays I live in Marseille in the South of France.

2) How would you describe Pascal Vochelet?
If I were my best friend, I could view myself as light-hearted and naive, somewhat detached and calm. But viewed from the inside, I know I am nervous, hyperactive and constantly preoccupied by my painting.

3) Did you have any official training for art?
Some “official training,” yes, but it actually took me away from my real nature as a painter.

4) How did you acquire your style?  
What is a style? Is it the harmony of a body (a gesture) and a thought? I think I have always tried to transform my doubts into strength: I am an “Aikido” painter.

5) You have a series called Punk Attitude. Can you tell me about that?  
The Punk Attitude series emerged after the Vanity Fair series presenting skulls in 2012. I wanted to do something less referenced and less linked to death. If there is a vanity present in this series, it is to believe that animals want to look like us.

6) How do you describe success as an artist?  
The moment when you are able to sign the tablecloth as payment for a dinner out; that is the moment corresponding to reassuring your parents: do not worry anymore about my future.

7) What does Pascal Vochelet dream about?  
Doing a jam session with the Beastie Boys.

8) Name three things you can’t live without in your studio? 
Music, Internet and northern light.

9) Best advice you ever received in regards to your career as an artist?
“I like very much what you do; keep doing it.”

10)  If you weren’t an artist, what would you have liked to be?
A house builder.

11) Do you have a person/place/thing that you visit for inspiration?
I go to clown shows, and I read Maylis de Kérangal’s books.

12) If you could have dinner with three artists living/dead, who would be at your table?
Bonnard for love, Andy Warhol out of curiosity and Bernard Buffet because he was, by chance, passing by.

13) What forthcoming projects or exhibitions do you have scheduled?
Art Copenhagen [September 2015] with Galerie 55Bellechasse.  Art Miami / Context  [December 2016] with Galerie 55Bellechasse.


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